"Well Done"

"and I'm not referring to a steak"

This page will be dedicated to sharing what your dogs are doing and have accomplished. So...I'll need to have each of you email me pictures and information on what your dog has been up to. Are they doing...agility, therapy, tricks, herding, frisbee, search and rescue, or just family stuff.....? Please let me know so that everyone can share in your and your dog's accomplishment.

Border Collies working horsesNow lets get down to business! Each dog is an individual and has areas in which he/she excels. Some play ball, frisbee, work, family stuff, agility, therapy, and on and on. The large picture on the left is one of Bronte and Maggie moving the horses up to the barn. When Bronte passed, we started using Maggie to train the other dogs. She trained DJ so that he will go to the meadow and bring the horses up to the barn when I ask him to, without me having to be with him. He will work the horses and he knows that is his job, but...... his first love is frisbee! Each dog has the aptitude for a specific "job" and they will do that job, but that may not be their "first love".

ABCA Border Collie Tootsie working heifer and bullOn the right is a video clip of Tootsie before she was even 9 months old with no training and see what she is doing. Each dog has his/her area of expertise and Tootsie is definitely a working dog! Click on the picture to the right and it should link you to the video which is on Youtube.

I have a couple of "Well Done" videos to share with you.

The first is a video of Chisum, one of Tootsie's pups at 6 months of age, working cattle. The last video is of Bree, one of Mindy and Bandit's pups working sheep at 5 months of age and handled by Allen Mills. They are YouTube videos and if you click on them, you can see them working.

Border Collie Chisum working cattle at 6 months of age.Border Collie Bree workinga at 5 months

"Well Done"! All of you are awesome.