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This page has been designed to help you find information that you may want or need. There are links to Brangus Associations, cattle magazines, articles on nutrition, breeding, or health articles on cattle.There are also articles and web sites below that will provide you with up to date information on Border Collies and training or competing with them in herding or agility or therapy. For now, just click on the logo and the link will take you there. Please email us and let us know if this is helpful to you or if you have any suggestions that would be helpful. Thank you.

I just added a study using games to evaluate the best candidates for service dogs.

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Brangus Articles Border Collies
Registered Brangus bull


Beef Cattle Information & Resources

ABCA Border Collie Maybell
IBBA log link


ABCA logo
breeds of livestock


"11 Tips to Curb Heat Stress in Cattle"


Purina Mills Logo

Purina for animals, Education, and Products


"Preparing your Pet for a Move"

Cattle Site logo

Top Dog Training

Pet Training

Log for Texas Animal Health Commission

"Canine Cognitions Study Uses Games to Evaluate Best Candidates for Service Dogs" from Purian Pro Club

USBCH log link
Texas Brangus logo
Help for dogs that are afraid of 1-866-892-2078
Southeast Brangus Breeders Association logo
Logo for Tyler Obedience and Training Center

"Herding with your Dog" from The Dog Play Site

" How to Help the Anxious Dog"from Your Dog Advisor

"More Safety Tips" from Pet Home Safety Guide