WHR Registered Black Brangus

WHR, managed by Don and Sue Williams, has a small herd of Registered Black Brangus Cattle. We plan to stay relatively small so that we can better manage the quality of Brangus that we raise. We usually have a Fall calving season and a Spring weaning, however, this year things have changed and we now have a Spring and Fall calving season. All animals are kept on a strict immunization and deworming program.

In 2007, we added AI to our breeding program in order to upgrade our herd. At that time , we had Mr Brinks Sundance 94S as our herd sire. We chose semen from Csonka of Brinks and Newt of Brinks. We kept 2 heifers out of Csonka of Brinks and have several calves out of them and Sundance.

We continued our goal for quality in the 2008 breeding season by going back to the old foundation bloodline of Geronimo of Brinks and using his son from the 789 cow family. The 2011 Birth Weight EPD of their bull McMullen's Geronimo Hotline Registered BRangus Bull McMullens Geronimo Hotlineor "PaPa" was Top 15%. PaPa is a maternal bull and has produced only 4 bull calves in all the years he has been used as a herd sire and he was 11 years old in October of 2010. Of those 4 bull calves, 2 were produced in the 2009 fall calving season at WHR. As a footnote, upon PaPa's return to EBR he proceeded to produce 2 more bull calves. I guess WHR changed his perception of things!

Registered Brangus bull WHR Geronimo's Transformer 661WIn 2012 we added WHR Geronimo's Transformer 661W (son of "PaPa" who is the son of the original Brinks Geronimo) to our breeding program and have had a 50/50 split of heifer and bull calves out of him. He is a very easy going bull and loves to be hand fed. He is pictured on the left.

Registered Brangus bull WHR Sundances Ditka 30A2014 was a busy year and some changes have occurred at WHR. We sold Mr. Brinks Sundance to another ranch and have turned his son, WHR Sundance's Ditka 30A, in with his cows. In the picture on the left, he is 3 years old. His birthweights are low and he is gentle in disposition and passes that on to his offspring.
All is going well running 2 herds. It is busy, but it works.Registered Brangus bull

2018 finds us trying to cut back to 1 herd, so we are working to do that. Mr T was injured and to keep things running smoothly, we have purchased a new bull to take his place. Our new bull is Watchman 9U8 E1.

Registered Brangus Bull WHr T's ChallengerIn early 2021, we SOLD WHR Sundances Ditka 30A(Square). We moved Watchman into Square's previous herd and moved WHR T's Challenger 675F (a son of Mr. T) down into Watchman's old herd. We will see his first calves in 2022.

We have 2 weaned bull calves that are for sale. They have been vaccinated and dewormed. They are pictured below.

Registered Brangus bullRegistered Brangus Bull