The 2009 Registered Black Brangus calving season was an exciting one for WHR since it was the culmination of our decision to use "PaPa" (McMullen's Geronimo Hotline and son of the original Brinks Geronimo) for the 2008 breeding season.We were not disappointed .... he gave us 75% heifers when we were used to getting only a 25% heifer crop and they were all high quality. We kept a couple of these heifers and already have many Sundance/PaPa heifers on the ground. We also kept one of the 2 bull calves he produced and he is WHR Geronimo's Transformer 661W. We lost him in 2020 at the age of 10. His replacement is Watchman 9U8 E1.

In 2020, the culmination of Watchman's first breeding season he gave us all heifers. We sold all of them as well as 4 heifers out of WHR Sundance's Ditka 30A. We no longer have WHR Sundance's Ditka, but have replaced him with WHR T's Challenger 675F.

We have no heifers at this time.

Registered Black Brangus bullRegistered Brangus bull