Williams Homestead Ranch...WHR...nestled in the "Piney Woods" of East Don and Sue Williams with DJTexas, is a small operation for breeding and raising Quality Registered Black Brangus Cattle and ABCA Border Collie Puppies out of working stock. It is owned and managed by Don and Sue Williams with Sam's help. The ranch was moved from Brownsville, Texas when we retired. The idea was to be able to enjoy the East Texas pine trees, have a place to ride the horses, and enough grass to grow our own hay. We had no idea how busy we were going to be just keeping things up. We moved 19 horses and about 12 Border Collies. Just keeping the place in order, caring for and feeding the animals is enough to do!

We had bred and raised Registered Quarter Horses and Paso Finos for more than 27 years and Border Collies for over 20 years; however, when the ranch was moved to East Texas and we started raising Registered Brangus cattle, we realized that something had to give. So.....we decide to get out of the horse business and just raise Registered Black Brangus Cattle and Border Collie Puppies.

Since we are a small ranch, our focus is on breeding quality. Therefore, each animal is very important and has a reason for being on our ranch. We maintain a strict routine for feeding and health care.

In 2012 we embarked on a multi-season calf crop running 2 separate herds with 2 different bulls. Now that 2019 is about to close, it is time for a change. We can no longer manage 2 herds and are starting to cut back to just 1 herd. However, we have not been able to cut back to just 1 herd yet and Mr T has been injured. In order to keep the cows on a even keel, we purchased a new bull to put in with Mr. T's herd. It will take some time to get to 1 herd, but we will get there.

In the Border Collie department: We kept a Black Tricolor male out of Tootsie and CC (Sam) in 2015 and purchased a female (Dill) out of a a champion sheep herding male and bred her to Sam. Now in 2019, Dill was bred and then was bitten by a snake. She lost the puppies and the snake bite introduced so much bacteria into her system that we almost lost her and she had to be spayed. We have located one of her female offspring out of Sam that we can breed to Pirate for a breeding replacement for Dill. Dill is now a house dog.


Registered Brangus Bull Mr Brinks SundanceBorder Collie Puppies out of Black and White female ABCA Border Collies working horsesRegistered Brangus Bull WHR Geronimo's Transformer 661W